Super Gum 3g
Super Gum 3g
Super Gum 3g


Super Gum 3g


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SKU: GU004

Weight(grams): 14

Dimension: 18 cm (Length) x 10 cm (Width) x 2 cm (Height)

Product Highlight    
  • Multipurpose
  • New Formula
  • Fastest And Strongest
  • Nozzle And Tube Designed
  • Value Buy And Easy To Use
  • Ideal For Household Repairs, Model Making, Handcrafts, Etc

Ideal For:
Metals, Rubber, Leather, Ceramics, Glass, Most Plastic, Acrylic, Wood Etc

Instructions For Use
1. Remove Cap And Nozzle
2. Puncture Tube By Pushing Cap Into Tube
3. Screw On Nozzle Firmly, Do not Squeeze Tube Tightly
4. Surfaces To Be Bonded Must Be Clean / Dry
5. Apply To One Surface Only
6. Apply Some Pressure For Few Seconds

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Product Size: 9cm(L) x 2cm(W) x 1cm(H)
Quantity: 1 pc
Net Weight: 3g

Super Gum 3g