CAMRY Spring Scale 10 Kgs
CAMRY Spring Scale 10 Kgs


CAMRY Spring Scale 10 Kgs

RM 68.60

Quantity: 4

Quantity :



Weight(grams): 2200

Dimension: 26 cm (Length) x 25 cm (Width) x 27 cm (Height)

  • Value Buy
  • High Quality and 100% New Product
  • Featuring Kilograms And Grams Up To 10KG And 50G
  • Easy To Read Measurements
  • Heavy Duty
  • Suitable Use For Industry , Commercial , Restaurant And Grocery Store
Product Size: 17.8cm(W) x 25.7cm(L) x 28.7cm(H)
Weighing Capacity: 10KG
Weighing Graduation: 50G
Units Measured: Kilogram (KG) and Gram (G)
Color: Green
Material: Steel
Packing: 27cm(H) x 25cm(W) x 26cm(L)
Gross Weight: 2.20kgs

CAMRY Spring Scale 10 Kgs

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