MyChef Aluminium Foil
MyChef Aluminium Foil

MyChef Aluminium Foil

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Category: Baking Tools

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Quantity: 91

7.62m / Pack:

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  • Perfect for food storage
  • Superior durability
  • Suitable for Cooking, Freezing, Wrapping and Storing
Makes a perfect LID:
  1. Prevents over-browning and drying out in the oven
  2. Keeps food hot until your family is ready to eat
  3. Prevents spatters when you don't have a perfect lid
Colour: Original
Quantity: 1 Roll
Brand: MyChef

Available Sizes: 
  • 300mm x 7.62m (25Sq.Ft)
  • 450mm x 7.62m (37.5Sq.Ft)

MyChef Aluminium Foil

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