About T Rex

On the way to holiday, the conversation between parents and kids.

Parent: Hey Kids, what would you want to call if I will have a new company?

Kids: Dinosaur!

Parent: What's your favourite dinosaur?

Kids: T Rex!

Parent: Why T Rex?

Kids: Because T Rex is the king of Dinosaur!

T Rex Metalware Sdn Bhd is come from this true story!
Our Founder

T Rex Metalware Sdn Bhd was established in 2016, founded by both of the Directors, which is also brothers named Wai & Choon. They always share the same concept which is to expertise in producing and developing own products to various of end-users.

Early Growth

At the beginning, the company focused only on the flagship product which is the Boltless Rack in line to our slogan “ YOUR SPACE SOLUTION”. Further on, more elements have been added from the initial design such as practical structure and variety of colors are selling in the company website and also other online platforms in Malaysia.
Our Vision

In 2019, the company has acquired an abundance of expertise in online selling. Focusing with the new vision  “LEADING ONLINE SHOP IN MALAYSIA”, the company has added 3 more product categories, which is Furniture, Household and Packaging Ware. In addition to cope up with customers requirements, the company always prioritize on the customers feedback to improve the services and delivering goods on time to meet the requirements of the customers.  

Our Promise

We endeavor to provide high-quality products, purchased directly from our well-known global manufacturers to ensure that we have more adequate supply of goods at the most reasonable price for our customer to make sure every cent spent with us to be well spend.
Why T Rex?

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